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Originally Posted by Doug.38PR
I have heard a sheriff deputy say once that police cannot shoot someone running from them, unless it is at night, unless they first call out to them once or twice, and then fire a warning shot in the air and then shoot them.

Last I heard, it was illegal for anyone to shoot someone in the back, regardless of any warnings, at night, or being some sort of LEO, when they are RUNNING AWAY FROM YOU. Aren't we taught to only draw our weapons IF and only IF we feel our lives are in grave danger? Someone running away from you isn't a threat anymore. So, if you shoot them, regardless of warning shots, nighttime, etc., you'll go to jail.

Unless I've missed something, like this person shot you twice first, then ran?

Warning shots can go anywhere, and can be dangerous to people around the problem. The more urban the area is, the worse the problems a warning shot can cause. From my readings, warning shots are a big no-no.
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