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Hi all,

Was in the local cop shop last week and picked up a police trade-in Ithaca M37 12 ga for $200.00.

It's a older gun, 20 inch barrel, 4 shot magazine, walnut stock and a parkerized finish. The really neat thing, IMHO, is that the barrel is marked "Full" as opposed to the usual "cyl".

I addeD a butt cuff and one of the clamp on "HIVIZ" shotgun sights.

A quick trip to the range verified that the choke is indeed full. Number 4 buckshot stayed in a 20 inch pattern at 30 yards. Forgot the # 1 buck, so will have to do this again. The trick front sight stayed in place just fine and worked very well.

It's not the equal to my Benelli, but it's a neat little gun.



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