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Killing Patton by O'Reilly & Dugard

Saw the book at Costco, but didn't buy it. Cheap, non-acid free paper was discouraging to me. So, I got it at the public library instead. It's a fun read but the authors with exception to Stalin don't believe that a bunch of leading people wanted Patton dead. The mysterious disappearance of the accident report and the third person in the truck that hit Patton's vehicle, as well as the OSS man who claimed to have shot Patton in the neck with a poison dart are all mentioned. The narrative does have a few inaccuracies, but it doesn't ruin the readability of the book.

As the Russian tanks rolled past the reviewing stand, Patton noticed Zhukov gloating over the new Soviet IS-3 model tank." Looking up at his American counterpart, the Russian general delivered a taunt: "My dear General Patton," he crowed, "You see that tank? It carries a cannon which can throw a shell seven miles."

Patton's face remained impassive, his tone calm and sure. "Indeed? Well, my dear Marshal Zhukov, let me tell you this: if any of my gunners started firing at your people before they had closed to less than seven hundred yards, "I'd have then court-martialed for cowardice."

Patton's aide, Maj. Van S. Merle-Smith will later state that he had never before seen "a Russian commander stunned into silence."
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