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Training & Tactics circa 1863s

I was thinking of putting this in T&T, but it's old. What is important is that E.M. prepared and trained his wife; thereby making for a small OODA Loop. That part is highly relevant today. From pages 261-63 of Mrs. Hill's Journal.

"E.M. had many times impressed me with the necessity of keeping cool if we should be attacked while on the road, and to make no effort to help him, but to ride to the nearest camp as fast as my horse would travel and have assistance sent him. We had rehearsed such a possibility several times when out riding together. He had taught me to use a revolver, and to fire over my horse's head, and he had fire unexpectedly so that the horses would not frighten.

"This day we were riding back to our camp very leisurely. George was in front of his father, and very much of a man because his father had him straddled in the saddle with him. His shrill little voice was piping away asking baby questions which amused us. E.M. leaned toward me and remarked we must hurry to get to camp before dark,, then he said under his breath, "Ride up, faster, faster." By that time our horses were in a gallop. A couple of shots rang out behind us, and we put our horses to a run and never stopped till we reached camp.

"E.M. immediately sent out a squad in pursuit and by morning they returned with two prisoners. As we were riding along, E.M. had caught the glint of a gun aimed at us over the top of a log and knew there was an ambush. What he thought strange was that they did not fire at once. The next morning the prisoners were brought before him. Little George was standing beside his father. One of the men spoke up. 'You all may be thankful you had the little one with you. We aimed to kill you and your woman, and had a lead on you, but we could not fire on the baby,' so that our little lad probably saved our lives. E.M. wanted to release them, but the orders were very strict and they were sent to Nashville."
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