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It usually happens during the second cylinder, viz. after 7 or 8 rounds. I pull all the affected rounds of all the affected cylinder fulls and will wind up with about 5 or 6 rounds that will not function in that gun.

They fire just fine in my Super Blackhawk and in my S&W 44s. Just not the Redhawk.

How does factory not do it and reloads do?? What's different?
My theory ..... theory, is that the gap is too narrow. I shoot light reloads. 44 special levels. I load light to minimize wear and tear on my collectable revolvers but use the same reloads for all my 44s.

With the light loads, the primer backs out of the primer pocket somewhat. The recoil is insufficient to reseat the primer. With such a narrow gap, a slightly elevated primer is locking up the gun.

The factory loads are full charge. The recoil is sufficient to reseat the primers hence, the gun functions as desired.

But I've used the same reloads for decades and never had the problem before. Not even in my three other Redhawks or my Super Redhawk.

But I suppose you're right. I'll ultimately have to send it back. I'm not the original owner and there is no warranty.
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