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The Carbine was intended to be a more effective replacement for the 1911 pistol.
It was to be issued to rearward echelon support troops, and also to officers and crew served weapons crews like machine gunners and mortar crews.
Combat troops discovered how handy and fast to use it was, and the 15 round magazine was a great selling point.

It served perfectly in WWII in Europe and the Pacific, and again in Vietnam.
It didn't serve to well in Korea, although it was heavily issued in M1 and M2 form, simply because it was never intended to be used at the longer ranges common in Korea.

A telling point on the Carbine as a combat arm: It was the favorite weapon of Audie Murphy who probably saw more hard combat in WWII then almost any other soldier, and had the medals to prove it.

And, the Carbine with soft point sporting ammo still delivers the goods today as a home defense weapon.
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