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I did a little checking, and mobile radios for GMRS would run about $280 each. These radios are 255 channel radios, but each channel is dedicated to a specific frequency and CTCSS/Digital code. You don't have the option to change freq/code, but you can change channels to same freq/different code, as programmed, or to a different freq/code. Most GMRS radios give you the option to change the "privacy" code on each frequency channel. This would not be an option on the mobile, but with 255 "channels" many combinations would be available, as well as channels with no "privacy" code.
You would need mobile antennas. These would run $20 to $50 each. Base station antennas run about $50-$75. For base operation, you would need a dedicated 12V power supply-another hundred bucks or so. You also need a mast or tower.
So, it can get expensive-and you still can't talk a really long way.
If anyone is interested in going this route, you can contact me via PM.
Ham radio is probably the best option, but for those who don't want to go that route, GMRS/business band will work for dedicated comms.
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