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Try some to see if yours will run the stuff, not all AR's will. My S&W has run over a 1000 Silver and Brown Bear (similar) with no problems, but those who mentioned how dirty the Russian stuff is are right on.
I used good brass cased ammo to make sure mine was sighted in and would function. The advise to run the brass case first and then the steel is also correct for the reasons stated------Russian ammo is dirty---dirty---dirty and can foul your chamber making brass very hard to extract, if not impossible.
Run your brass case ammo first, then the steel case and all should be fine.
One more thing-------IF you decide to go with the Herter's or any other steel case ammo, BE SURE AND GIVE YOUR CHAMBER A GOOD (VERY GOOD) CLEANING WITH A BRUSH MADE FOR THE SPECIALLY MADE FOR THE JOB.
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