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I have read posts on other forums that the steel cased Herters is just re-boxed Tulammo and is not very accurate and has more than occasional "no fires" per 100. I don't know if this is true personally but have noticed on many web sites that sellers are out of almost all other brands of steel cased .223 except the Herter's which makes one wonder why very few are buying that particular brand in .223.
I've had more trouble with Herter's sticking in the chamber than with Wolf or Tula. If Herter's is Tula (and it sure looks like it) something else must be going on since if you read Herter's reviews on Cabelas a lot of folks are having sticking problems. In my BCM and Daniel Defense the extractor will rip off a piece of rim but a case still sticks here and there. So it's not the extractor.

I'm still a fan of steelcase for practice due to the cost.
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