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I realize they are probably out of my reach finacially but, I'm getting a little confused about the HK in I read that the trigger group or sear of a particular HK gun is the registered part? And you can swap this part back and forth between different caliber weapons?
HK guns can be registeres sears, or registered receivers. In sear guns, the sear can be moved between hosts. You just have to make sure the host gun is legal by itself when you move the sear. IE if you have an MP5 and move the sear to your HK91, the MP5 host will need to be registered as an SBR b/c of the short barrel. That's what is referred to as having a married or divorced sear. Married means that you pay one tax for the sear, but the host is not registered as an SBR. Divorced means that you pay two taxes (one for the host, and one for the sear). This allows you to move the sear without worry. An MP5SD has a third tax for the suppressor. If you buy a gun where the sear is married to the host, you can always divorce it later, but you'll have to pay the $200 trasnfer tax and engrave the host as the "Maker" of the new NFA firearm.

In Registered receiver guns, the reciever is the registered part. The advantage is that any and all parts of the trigger group, barrel, etc can be replaced, but the gun you have is the gun you have. It's more limiting., b/c you cannot really cannot change calibers.
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