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Thinking about getting a full auto

I am seriously considering selling a few items and buying something full auto. I have just started talking to a guy somewhat locally and of course now I am all kinds of confused.

This guy says that I will need to spend around $4,000 minimum and that that amount would get me into what I would call a Mac 9 type of weapon. He went on to say that the next step would be in the $6,000 to $7,000 range and would get me into an UZI type of weapon.

Of course I would really like an MP5 style or M-16 or even a Tommy, but I think they are out of reach for me finacially. A dealer friend told me about a Ruger 550 or something like that but I don't know what kind of money those are. I do want to shoot thing so something in a 9mm would be cheaper to shoot ammo wise.

Are there any sites that cater to full auto that any of you could recommend, a place that sells or has prices for comparing weapons. Right now I am asking for thoughts on the right choice for the right money, places to compare, ideas, opinions, brands, etc., etc..

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