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I saw your other thread, recoil is very subjective.

You had grown men respond that in the thread that shotgun recoil is harsh. Of course he also said shotguns are for people who can't shoot : ) and recomended an AR. Go figure.

My Dear Old Mom is half past 76 yrs with arthritus, 4'-10". She has no beef with her 12 ga. 1100, 00 buck, with the short barrel. May have to go to something different when she hit's 80, don't know. Pretty decent choice for anything in her yard.

I also agree with the recomendations for a pistol caliber carbine. Lever action .357 or .44 will deal with any defensive threats I'm aware of in AZ. And I don't live in Georgia : )

As long as she's familiar with it and runs it regularly, good to go.

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