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So, yes, I'm the dumbass.
Far as getting bullets stuck in BP'S , we've all had that same dumbass attack. Some of us more then once or 4-5 times.

As a rule, PowerBelts load very easily. In turn, they will usually unload very easily requiring very little Co2 or compressed air pressure.

Wait till you get one of those over-sized conicals stuck down there that you had to drive home with a mallet. You will more then likely break your ball puller and have to end up using one of the above suggested methods. Either removing the nipple or breach and priming, using your Co2 or an air compressor to shoot the bullet and ball puller out.

FWIW, if you're ever shooting PRB and load a very tight load minus powder, if load won't blow out with Co2 or air compressor pour some solvent or soapy water down the bbl to soak patch and load will remove easier.
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