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Pistols in .22 lr often have occasional malfunctions due to the inherent difficulty of feeding a rimmed cartridge through a magazine. Also, rimfire cartridges sometimes fail to fire because to defects in distribution of primer compound around the rim.

I'm in a group teaching monthly Basic Handgun classes. We use several Ruger Mark Is and Mark IIs with CCI Minimags for the live fire exercises and regularly have a couple of malfunctions each class.

Originally Posted by '88Scrat
...This has not been my experiance, my buddy's little Ruger Mark III is awsome and has very few malfunctions...
How few is very few? For some that might still be too many, at least for a self defense gun.

In general, I've never been concerned about occasional malfunctions in .22s used for plinking or general practice. But I would want greater reliability if a self defense gun.
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