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hogdogs.... the tusks?

Also, according to my son (has a degree in genetics and biochemistry) a hog is a hog is a hog.... but he has no answer about the tusks. I guess it's because the wild hogs have to work harder for their food???? I know when dad and I raised a few hogs years ago... none ever had tusks.

On all those breeds you talked about........ a looong time ago when I was in high school in ag class I knew all the hog breeds and what were the pros and cons of each.
I do remember as 2damn was referring that some were larders, some for bacon, etc.

ANd on eating meat.... I tried a lot... and I've never found anything better than good pork prepared properly. About the only meat that you don't have to season to death to make it taste good......................
even if they were run off the cliff in the bible.
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