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"...Apparently the 9.25 twist..." Is just fine. Mind you, Remington uses a 1 in 9.125" twist. That being the normal, 'standard', twist for the .243.
It's not about the barrel length. It's about the quality of the barrel and the load. Along with the trigger and the rest of the rifle. You will see an increase in velocity, but not a lot.
A Rem M700 is a hunting rifle. An AMax is a match bullet. Hunting rifles may or may not shoot match bullets well.
Is the thing bedded? The trigger been done? Lotta variables involved.
Did you work up the load? Been using Speer 105 SP's(absolutely not a match bullet. Does astounding things to ground hogs though.) out of a 9.125 rifle for eons, with IMR4350.
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