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That sounds like a rather dangerous wartime expedient.
The version I read, the cordite rope was fed into the loading room through a flash door (such as the British warships at Jutland lacked) and cut to length mechanically.

Seems like cutting the rope across the case mouth would cause seating the bullet to crumple the rope. They probably didn't care in 1940.

Anecdote Alert:
Cordite is a high energy propellant.
When Winchester brought out the .458 Winchester Magnum as a short magnum, it did not leave a lot of room for powder to match the .450 Nitro. Flip flopping on powder selection and shortening the barrel of the Winchester Model 70 African from 25 to 22 inches led to velocities below 2000 fps.
Some PWHs wanted to get back to real dangerous game ballistics so they pulled bullets from .303s and used the Cordite to handload .458s. They found an appropriate number of strands to get velocity back up to the 2150 fps of the usual safari bigbore.
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