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Originally Posted by aarondhgraham View Post
I was perusing the Uberti website looking for possible retirement rifle,,,
I noticed their new Courtney Stalking Rifle.

I said to myself "Self, that's a nice looking rifle."

Then I saw that it was chambered in .303 British.

My question on this is,,,
Read the linked text:
Not unlike the Easterners who had settled the West, many British hunters ventured into the unknown of Africa and Asia to become legendary names—and their hunting rifles the most sought-after by collectors worldwide.

It is in this spirit that Uberti USA offers the 1885 Courteney stalking rifle. Named after the celebrated English hunter, explorer and naturalist Courteney Selous (1851-1917), this rifle gives today’s shooter the looks, feel, and usability of the turn-of-the-century British single-shots that were first taken to the British colonies—but at a fraction of the cost. The 1885 Courteney is built on the ultra-strong 1885 action and makes its debut in the classic .303 British cartridge—the most used caliber in the British Empire.

They are marketing a Winchester 1885 copy dressed up as a British Stalking Rifle, hence the British cartridge. And it's an excellent choice for the role. Usable ballistics, readily available, manageable recoil and as British as they come.

Originally Posted by aarondhgraham View Post
Oh, while I'm here,,,
I remember pulling one cartridge apart.

It didn't have powder,,,
It had something that looked like 2" of very thin pasta.

Was that what they called Cordite?
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