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none of it is rocket science but I will say that if a person is looking too hard for the drug dealer on the corner.. everyone and everything starts looking like a drug deal. People probably need to simply listen to their gut, remain open and alert to the ongoings around them and don't try to be the criminal profiler that they are not. Threat indicators, deception indicator, action indicators, flight indicators and usually qualified based on several things coming together in the moment and not any one thing. I have interviewed people who said and did all the right things while offering no indication of deception and turned out to be the badguy and I have interviewed people who said everything wrong, behaved wrong and were textbook examples of deception and ultimately turned out to be the most honest person in the room. I believe in the science of body language but accept that determination made on that basis may not always be correct.

When it comes to safety, I have always erred on the side of caution. If I think something bad is happening, I make no apologies for doing what I felt I needed to do to remain safe. At the same time, I own whatever mistake I may have made in the process.
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