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kaido Ojaima's 140gr VKV & Pietta 1851. Woods gun?

For years I was not a gun person and my company issue Taurus model 10 only went into the woods with me for target practice. Eventually I came to value the .38 as a 'kit gun' with a little more punch than a smaller cartridge.
I think I've found my woods gun. A charging pig has been taken with two of these to the dome by a Tennessee man. For the part of Appalachia I'm headed to this is perfect.
This is one of Kaido's last two cavity molds Very happy to have it.
May want an 1858 .36 but the Pietta Colt navy let me cloverleaf at 21' or 7 yards first time. The stupid sights on it work for me, for reasons I cannot fathom.
My 1858 Pietta Army .44 is to me like what a .38 service revolver should have been with the ability to match a .45 Colt or .acp for practical purposes. Boringly reliable. With 30 grains of FFFg and a 154 grain ball it is a perfect ".38 special" substitute for light work, in my opinion. Conicals and full loads add a range of options.
Still there is something about the Colt replicas from Pietta. The ducktail grip and all. A .44 is more versatile perhapsvI only bought that because it was on sale at Dixie. Planned on having it to look at. Only meant to shoot it once.
Same for a 180 dollar scratch and dent 1860 pietta from Cabelas. I'm thinking the 220 grain VKV mold for that and my 1858 replica.
Kaido says he still has six cavity molds in a couple of sizes. Of course he has .44 caliber molds preferred by most hunters.

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