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Originally Posted by labnoti
Some churches like the one I meet with have security teams. I have mixed feelings about that. I think I prefer that people provide for their own security rather than depending on someone else to do it and that no one presumes to provide me security when I haven't asked them to. But there are "widows and orphans" so to speak that could use the church's help. I say that to preface the suggestion to enlist others to help provide security for the church in the event of the kind of circumstances you described, but not without considering how a security team can go wrong.
I believe that something like security, especially armed security, should be well thought out and organized. This is especially true if there are multiple people carrying. Knowing who is on the security and armed will prevent mistaken identity and the accidental shooting of an armed responder. While I believe most church shootings were outsiders, I believe it is best that the members of the armed security team not be identified to the congregation. The congregation should be made aware that there is armed security and to respond only if being shot at. People may panic and shoot at anyone holding a gun.

I think it is also important to have some training and the security team needs to be vetted to show they are safe and competent. Armed security is a huge responsibility and you don't want someone who is unsafe. Since some churches are really big, it is important to know the layout extremely well and to know what are potential places for cover or concealment.
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