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In my experience as a federal law man for twenty-eight years (bi vocational paster for part) I've observed and determined the 'two hand' handgun grip was designed for maximum accuracy in a match.

I've usually had my 'other' hand busy doing something important. Directing panicky people, giving directions to colleagues, maintaining control of a villain (or child) and so on.

So one must practice for one handed shooting.

On the other hand, you expect your serious shots to be longer than 'grappling' distance. Based on your circumstances, a reasonable expectation. Of course, villains will probably mount an attack unless there are a number of people present. The architecture of the typical church auditorium gives the speaker a break. Typically the floor of the auditorium is pitched lower in front and higher in the rear. The speaking platform is normally raised above the level of the floor. This is done - as in live theatre - to provide the audience a view of the speaker (or actors). It also provides a clear field of fire from the platform.

So, one should practice often, just like anything. But a few well fired shots is much more productive than sixty or two-hundred rounds blasted at the horizon. And work on single hand shooting. Too often, you'll only have one hand available. (Consider a baby dedication or baptismal service.)

Choice of weapon? Must be reliable, able to fire a reasonably powerful round and IT MUST FIT the shooter. It is your pick. It has to fit YOU, not me, not him. It need not be a double stack magazine. You are probably not going to need fifteen or sixteen shots. One way or another, the problem will solved by then. I don't care for anything in caliber less than .40 something. But I read a lot of Elmer Keith as a child.

Do a lot of praying preparatory to the event. No. It will not be on the schedule. See if you can enlist Elisha's Army from 2 Kings 6.
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