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Originally Posted by ParsonBrowning View Post
my Walther CCP whose highly ergonomic grip is complained by some to be big enough to have been a double-stack (yet its a single) is still small enough that my whole, right hand wraps around and nestles into it perfectly -- a little too well (it doesn't leave room on the grip for my left hand to touch it).
It makes for a heck of a single-handed gun, but my situation I describe below could well have me needing two-handed accuracy of greater distances than typical close-quarter or muggings (defense in a church hall).
And so for two-handed proficiency, I'll admit what I started out doing was making a one-handed type grip on the gun and then just reached up with my left hand and wrapped it around in a modern combat fashion -- but with one caveat -- I'm not in contact with the gun grip with my left hand at all because my right fingers cover the whole thing.
I get exactly what you are talking about. My primary carry is a Glock 26, which has a grip that is fairly long front to back. It does, however, allow for good contact of the heel of my support hand on the grip. I have been training with this gripping technique, along with thumbs forward, for quite some time, so it seems the most natural to me now and, I believe, provides for a stronger grasp and more control of the gun.

I recently looked at a Sig P365 as I was intrigued by a G26 capacity gun in a much smaller package. When I picked it up, though, my hand wrapped all the way around it as you described with your Walther and it just didn't feel right to me.

I have guns with smaller grips, and as others have described, you can simply put your support hand over your dominant hand fingers. It just doesn't seem as comfortable or stable to me, and I believe it effects my accuracy a bit as well.

Having said all that, everyone is different, so don't worry about using a textbook style from this or that expert. If a particular grip or combination of techniques work well for you, then use that.
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