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Originally Posted by Alan0354
Because it's dangerous. Not just the money. You think you carry it out to protect youself, then it jams. Some times, you just make a mistake, you wasted say $60dollars, get over it. You don't want to be dead right.
If you follow this forum at all, the OP (Prof Young) owns multiple firearms. I'm pretty sure he didn't buy the Jennings as his one-and-only self-defense pistol.

There's a guy semi-local to me that I used to encounter almost every Saturday when hanging out at the local gun shop. His nickname is "Saturday Night John" because his name is John and he collects the cheap guns like Jennings, Bryco, Jiminez, etc. People who buy these are often people who literally can't afford $50 more for a Beretta that they've never heard of and wouldn't have any idea where to find.

As for the metal -- it's basically Zamak. Hi Points are also Zamak. Hi Points are ugly and heavy and clunky, but they work. Many of the .22 caliber versions of "name" centerfire pistols have Zamak frames and slides.

Bottom line: You had a Jennings, You didn't like it. You have made your point, so now kindly allow people who have not yet related their experiences an opportunity to do so. You can't talk Prof Young out of buying it, because he has already done so. There is nothing to be gained by your continuing to beat a dead horse.
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