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Originally Posted by VaFisher
Edited to add,(sic) a Staff member's(sic) should read up on what he is posting about when it comes to a subject he or she doen't(sic) know the answer, rather BATF wrote(sic) these laws not myself in this case so if you think they are wrong maybe you should write or call them sir(sic). Further more(sic... oh, I give up. Just "sic" the rest of the dang quote, too.) I do not think it's right to call foul when it's in black and white for all to see if one had done his home work before hand. I understand it takes time to do this but in some cases it should be done before posting.
Mr. Fisher (I presume that is some variant of your name),

I first "read up" on these laws in 1993 when I accepted my first position as the manager of a Type 01 FFL, and have endeavored to remain current on them as it is important to my professional viability to remain so.

If you will please note, the quoted section you so laboriously transcribed says "a separate warehouse used by the licensee solely for storage of firearms or ammunition".

I defy you to convince a court of law that the original poster's father's house is: A) Used solely by the licensee, and B) Used solely for storage. I have some experience in dealing with the BATFE on the topic of storage in an off-premises warehouse (including bonded warehouses for Type 08 SOTs) and I can assure you that "noelf2's dad's house" does not meet the BATFE's requirements.

Please stop handing out bad advice, okay? Do you want to help fellow gun owners go to prison?

This thread is done.
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