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I didn't vote b/c none of the choices bullseyed my thoughts on the subject. I would probably shoot him but would have to be there to say conclusivly.

Is there a tire iron handy or plastic toys? Crowded? Kids? Apparent viciousness and demeanor of attacker? A host of variables which could be answered with a glance, yet not on the internet.

We can reasonable assume that the attacker was no knife expert or she'd be dead. May just have time to pick up a TV and bash him in the head with it without shots fired. Saving her is saving her but if it can be done without shots fired, all the more prudent yes?

I agree that pepperspray vs knife is dumb.

I like to mind my own business, but couldn't just turn my back and walk away. A public heated argument between a couple or even a slap or two is to be MYOB but the presence of a knife raises the ante, as well as demonstrated viciousness in hand to hand, so intervention would be called for. Again, these variables could be decided upon in an instant if I was there to see for myself.

I hope the guy gets his sidearm back. Anybody know the hit ratio? Any misses? 3 shots IIRC...
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