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First off, I don't patronize businesses that prohibit me from exercising my rights...(BTW, in Nevada, carry in Wal*Mart is legal; if Wal*Mart doesn't like guns and posts a sign saying "No Guns," all they can do is charge me with trespass if I refuse to leave...)

Second, I work in an industry (licensed professional engineer) where a felony conviction for anything, whether you're "doing the right thing" or not, will cost you your license and your ability to earn a living. That to me is more important than the firearm ownership aspects of a felony conviction.

If I'm (illegally) carrying where I'm not supposed to, my weapon will be for protection of my family or me, only. If your a third party being attacked, I'll happily phone 911 for you, summon Wal*Mart security for you, and carefully observe so that I can be a good witness for you.

Sorry if it doesn't sound macho, but it's not my responsibility to play policeman.

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