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JP Sauer & Sohn 7.65

I have what appears to be the Mdl 30, no slide lock in the trigger guard, it is on the left side of the frame and locks into the slide when it is pulled back also doubles as a safety. the serial number is stamped on the right rear 199XXX Crown with and "N"under it on the end cap. The firing pin has been replaced and did not work, hanging up on the cartridge in the magazine after the first shot. Looking at it I found that whoever made the firing pin made it too short, so now I am looking for a proper firing pin. No Slots in the pin. a new trigger spring woul be nice as well as the original has a couple of coils broken. Other than that it is in excellent shape. Can anyone here point me in the right direction for the parts and perhaps give me a little background on the item. My father took it off a German Office in WWII, but there are no German markings on it. Any help appreciated.
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