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Good clean burning powder for 9mm that won't bulge cases in S&W Shield.

I've been using Universal Clays and I am running out and would like to try something else anyway. I love how clean it seems to be but its a little hot and leaves bulges in the cases with my Shield at fairly low charges. I have a lot of other 9's that I shoot a lot more than the Shield and none of them have that problem but that's a whole other topic. I feel like I need to try something little slower anyway.

I am reloading 115 gr Berry's plated round nose using a Dillon 650. I would like to try something that meters well, burns clean and not quite as hot. I generally shoot a lot and sometimes with friends who don't have their own guns. It is not uncommon to go through 500 or more rounds at a time which is why I am so interested in "clean". Let me know what you guys like.

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