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Airsoft is not just for teenage geeks

I've been shooting for10 years now (since i was 7 years old). I've been playing airsoft for about 4 years now. Everyone i play with is an active target shooter. Airsoft is extremely fun, it puts in you in situations that you hope to never be in with a real gun. While I'd argue it has some tactical training value, it's not much. Its just for fun. Don't bash it; anyone who bashes it has never tried it like its meant to be played (a $30 gun from big five is trash and unrealistic, my custom m4's and gas guns value up there with some of my .22's in $$$).

H&KForlife: Look at the classic army m4's. I picked one up for about $300 bucks and put about $100 into it (made it more accurate, scoped it with a red dot).

I agree that kids who goof off like idiots with them are stupid and could get shot by something a little bigger than their 6mm's plastic pellets. We play on either my property (5 acres) or my friends (also five acres). Kids who play in residential areas are fools and are asking for trouble.

I also agree a bunch of airsofters are nerds. (No offense here) but Japanese kids particulary seem to think their airsoft guns are actually "dangerous" and could be used in defense. I guess this stems from Japan not allowing any guns (even bb guns).

Besides the orange tip, my m4 is identical (even in materials) to a real steel m4. So it does hold some training value there.

Hope this helps, Chase
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