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Beretta 81 Series - AKA The Cheetah

Ever since a few major outlets have offered surplus 81's and 81BB's for sale,,,
There's been a lot of buzz about these lovely Beretta pistols.

Lots of threads have asked,,,
"what is the difference between the models and their versions?"

I found this chart/image that details some answers to those questions.

I already owned a new Model 87,,,
I learned that it is properly called the Model 87 Cheetah,,,
That makes sense as that is what is engraved on the guns frame.

I also own a used but clean 85BB,,,
This was the gun I kept in my leather briefcase,,,
I think I'll replace it with the Model 81 due to it's higher capacity.

Anyways I thought a thread where we could discuss the features of our mid-size Berettas was in order.

Right now I am in the process of doing some cold blue touch-up on the slide of my new-2-me Model 81,,,
There aren't any dings or rust spots in the metal,,,
Just holster wear on the high points.

It dawned on me that I now have the makings,,,
For one of those "Beretta Wheel" Pictures I often see on the web.

As soon as I finish the touch-up of the 81,,,
I'll see what I can do about a decent image of my three Italian ladies.

One thing I would like to see here is,,,
Some pictures of factory made holsters that fit the Cheetahs.

I'm an accomplished leather-smith so I'll just make one for myself,,,
But it would be helpful to other owners who need to buy one.

Post away my friends,,,
Let's share our knowledge and experience.


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