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length of pull

I agree that often times factory pads are not the way to go. I've removed the squishy space pad on both my Savage Hog rifles because they created far to much LOP. The .308 was snagging in my hunting coats, and in the .223, it just wasn't necessary. Replacing those pads with plates took the LOP to 13.5" which is what I prefer on most of my long guns.

I've never been professionally fitted for a shotgun, but the old Rem 870 that I've shot for 40 years had a factory LOP of 13.5" w/ the pad and seems right, and I am very accustomed to that length. Interestingly, the wood stocked Mossberg 500 in question, has a LOP of 14" w/ a simple plate. Two other other synthetic stocked Mossberg 500's in the armory with pads measure 14.5". Factory LOP for the Mossbergs is a full inch longer than my "standard".

We can fix that. I'll have my stock guy dock the wood stocked demon and add a pad, to bring the overall LOP to 13.5". The Kick-eeze pads have done very well for me on other guns, including a Moss 835 with 3" turkey loads and the old 870 with the same. Shortening the stock a tad, and a proper pad, should tame this slug gun in question.
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