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got it

I swung by the shop, the shotgun had been moved from a rack deep in the shop to a rack up front to enhance the chance of a sale I reckon. Some banter with the owner, he offered $168 out the door. Add a 25 ct box of 12 pellet /00 buck, $180 bucks. I believe I did OK.

Checked zero of the rifle sights with slugs.... centered on a paper plate at 50 yds no adjustments necessary. Off bags from a rest, with full power slugs the gun is a kicker ,no recoil pad. I likely will not add one either as I like the trim looks, and the LOP seems about right for me. There is no provision for a rear sling shackle, there is a threaded hole up on the ring of the mag tube for a shackle up front, but none present. The forearm and wrist of the butt stock have a diamond pattern pressed checkering, the wood is a darkly stained birch (I think). The safety button is metal, with a bit of a swell forward to catch the thumb and a nice touch, ahead of the plastic number on today's Mossbergs.
I like the little gun very much.
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