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got it

OK, wood stock...check.

Doyle, my main turkey shotgun is indeed a short barreled, rifle sighted pump. Quite a few years ago, (at least 20) I put a 20" rifle sighted, smooth bored slug barrel on my Rem 870, and then screwed in a Rem turkey choke. It has been a fine performer over many years. The gun is lighter, and shorter, handy in a blind and easy in the hand when holding for a bord. The only problem these days is my plus 60 yr old eyes will not run the bead and notch sights so well, so I have experimented with other sight options.

My interest in the rifle sighted Mossberg is two fold. One; I'd never seen a factory 18" tube with RS from that company, but it appears one indeed was manufactured in years past. Two; the Mossberg (?) sights on that gun had a very broad and open sight blade/post pattern that I could manage a bit better than a bead and notch. I'd use it as SD/truck/trunk/boat gun with buckshot.

I'll add for conversations sake, that Remington made a rifle sighted 18" barrel in their LE line that may or may not be available to the commercial market. The 'Trace had several.
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