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Start building AR pistols. That'll take all that extra money. It's an addiction!
Almost done with mine, and the possibilities are endless as to what components grip, sights, angled foregrip, brace (well, more limited with these). And it can get EXPENSIVE. You will have infinite chances to keep it budget or splurge, but every now and then you have to do a reality check: do I "need" aluminum backup sights or is polymer enough? etc....

You could do the opposite and use what you have... (I know, party pooper but it's actually fun) and take out some oldies and compete in IDPA with them, start reloading, start loading for accuracy rather than quantity. You could get some steel targets, get a shot timer, make some portable barricades, take a class. Lately I've been wanting a dueling tree but my AR pistol "build" has taken priority. I've always thought that showing people up at a competition with a Hi-Point would be something fun to do sometime... assuming I would do well. and if not I'd have an alabi.
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