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I would not recommend a high recoil gun like a 30-06 or 12ga to a first time long-gun owner, with the exception of a dedicated skeet/trap gun. A gas-operated 20ga semi, maybe, but what are you going to use it for? Unless you're going to shoot a pretty good amount of trap/skeet, a shotgun isn't much of a "fun gun". Those games are a blast and skeet loads are low recoil, relatively, even in a 12ga (with a decent gun) so it's really enjoyable. You'd be ok to go that route.

If you're going to get into archery, start right. Find someone who knows how to shoot, which means "Back Tension" by default, and learn the best methods from the get-go.

If you get a rifle, either get a 22 if you enjoy shooting one, which I personally abhor, or get a low-recoil, cost effective option with plenty of ammo availability. The most common cartridge that meets that requirement is the .223Rem.

In any case, my interests are not your interests. Any of us can give you (our opinions of) the pluses and minuses of each but if love archery and you love skeet shooting, what we'd do doesn't matter much. Where is you greatest interest/curiosity?
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