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Scopes... Suggestions welcome.

There are so many! I am just looking for a some quality glass to replace some tascos I have on a few rifles from when I was 18... What do you recommend and why?

Also I am trying to find a 'lower' priced 3x9 with a mil dot reticle for my .22 rifle so I can just use the mils compensate for range increases easily.

I am not interested in any of the BDC ones... for some reason I just don't like em.

Brands I've been looking at are Leupold, Redfield, Nikon, Bushnell?

Also I've read that sometimes the lower end of the 'big name models' can be made in china and what not. Which is fine but I'd just by a non name brand scope then. So which if any of the model lines to avoid. (if that made any sense.)

I am open to anything. I am not looking for cheap just curious whats out there. I mainly do pistol shooting so I don't keep up on scopes and there are SO MANY OUT THERE!?
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