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WOW... seems like lota people with no heirs...

MRS MAGNUM is the last in her line as well... neither her or her sister can have kids... so we have a 100 year old family farm, as well as an old family gun collection, that I've added to along the way, & several other collectables, that have no predertermined place to go...

Wife often gets all worked up about "the will" thing... but at the same time, she couldn't decide who she would want to get everything... me... I think sell everything & devide the money up evenly between the rest of both of our living families... none of the nieces or nephews seems interested in the family history, that goes along with the farm ( the trouble with the "100 year old farm" is the history that as a family member you can't get rid of... we actually had to build all new closets for MRS & I, as the attic, & all the current closets are full of "history", pictures, mementos etc. )

I'm doing my best to have maximum auction value on the collectable guns... each gun can be sold with one box ( or more ) of ammo specifically labeled for each gun, so even antique & obsolite guns will have at least 1 box of ammo with the gun, ( loading recipes are included where aplicable ), & all have been tested & in working order... pocket & vintage wrist watch collection, will have the ones that have been serviced tagged as to when they were last serviced...

if MRS & I both go at the same time, hopefully whom ever is going through things, can understand that by keeping things together like that, they will be more valueable... but it's not something I'm going to worry about, as I'll be gone... I'm just doing what I enjoy, until that time
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