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AAC#9, with Remington standard no. 1 1/2 primers and a VERY HEAVY charge chronograph 1625 FPS average out of the 6 inch barrel of my Ruger Security Six. (Remington 125 GR JHP)

Extreme spread for 10 shots runs less than 25 FPS. Flash is substantial, but I'm willing to tolerate it for the velocity and accuracy I get with this load.

Basically the same with both my 180 Gr and 240 GR loads in .44 Magnum. (S&W Model 29.) Very consistent, very accurate, and MAX. Again, Remington # 2 1/2 STANDARD primers.

BTW, all three of these loads are lightly compressed.

And no, I wouldn't use AAC#9 with light bullets in anything less than a maximum load.
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