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Originally Posted by chris downs View Post
God help me, but these things are so darn pretty:

I saw that safety thing. I think I can live with that. There are all sorts of stuff available to customize the gun. And I saw my LGS has lots of room in their asking price.

Please tell me why I should buy a different single action.
I wouldn't because the safety thing is overblown and an easy excuse people make to justify not purchasing one because they want to bloviate about "materials" used or the design as a way to say they're junk without saying it directly.

The only issue I've had with mine is a screw fell out and I lost it at the range. To make sure that didn't happen again, I used some blue loctite on all the screws. I know, the horror I had to spend time doing that shows how terrible Heritage is, but had it happened to a Ruger it would have been excused as "things happen, nobody is perfect."

I would recommend the adjustable sight models, you will enjoy being able to hit what you're aiming at and not having to hold off target with the traditional fixed sights.

If you really want the traditional sights, Heritage does make a steel frame model, the
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