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Gun Collection Scenario

Some how the towelhead terrorists found out that you have a fairly large gun collection at home, and true to form, they want to steal your collection to carry out step two of carrying out terrorism in some sections of your town (assault on police, etc...)

So this is a simple test of your defense system of your home. This should give you time to take stock and see if you need equipment added or if you're all set as is.

The towelheads figure it's a simple assault on your home so they send three BG's to assault your home at night.

They try the simple knock and ask, but you don't play that game. You don't even come to the door. Your dogs growling and barking behind the door did deter them though. Also your motion detector lights came on making the area turn almost into a daylight situation.

They retreat and come back two nights later, dressed in mufti, to attack your house.

They toss poisoned meat into the yard for the dogs(you keep them in the house)....the motion detector lights come on....they shoot the main ones out with a BB gun.

You hear and see the lights going out. You switch to your working clothes and soft soled boots. You arm yourself with a sidearm and long gun or a 12 gauge shotgun?

All the lights to the house are blacked out, they hit your main electric switch. Just for formality, you check the phone,they've cut the lines. You pick up your cell-phone and call the cavalry while heading for your safe room, gathering up the family if they haven't already gone there.
You arrive at the safe room, where your wife is already armed and she has her flash lights on the furniture, ready for use.
You lock the door and everyone hunkers down for the assault?
and wait for the cavalry to arrive.

Or do you have an alternate plan? Don't sugar coat it, tell me what I need to do to plug up the gaping holes in my defense.

What would you do?
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