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These figures all seem low for the 22Mag. The 22Mag is not a little more powerful than the 22LR, it is 2 to 3x more powerful.
My numbers reflect using a rifle but should scale down to a pistol. Unless the revolvers lose a lot more energy from the magnum then they do from the LR (and maybe they just do). The magnum cartridge is almost 2x more powerful though.

Typical 22LR is 1255fps with 140lbs of force at the barrel (Wildcats, Blazer, ect.)

The touted Stinger comes in at 1640fps and 191 lbs with a little 32gr bullet.

In my opinion the 'best' 22LR out there is the Velocitor at 1435fps and 183lbs of force but with a 40gr bullet.

A typical 22WMR is going to punch at 1550fps and 240lbs of force with 45gr, way past the stinger.

A good 22WMR (like the Winchester Super-X 40gr) is going to land at 1910fps and 324lbs of force, close to that of a 9mm and 3x that of the 22LR (4x the lower power stuff). These are my favorite to shoot. :-)

The top 22WMR in my spreadsheet comes in at 2120fps and 338 lbs of force, this is close to double that of the Stinger.

Moreover the energy is important but also important is the mass of the bullet as a heavier bullet will deliver it's energy better. For defense I wouldn't even think of stepping down to the 22LR. I'd use the Federal GameShock with a 50gr JHP or the Super-X with a 40gr partial metal jacket. For plinking, Winchester 22M
ag Dynapoints cause the 22 Magnum is just way more fun to shoot!
I just love it when someone quotes rifle numbers on a handgun thread/question. Not even good numbers at that. Typical .22M at 1550 fps? ***.

For hunting and plinkin the .22LR handsdown. But if you're thinkin SD than take advantage of everything you can and use the .22M. Not perfect but better than a sharp stick.

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