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hold on now

I have shot a 6.5 inch Ruger Single-6 for 8-9 years now and installed the .22 mag cylinder simply to experiment. Since then I have dispatched a variety of pests. I feel very comfortable in saying that the .22 mag HP's (Win) are better killers on the likes of armadillo's, feral cats, rats, etc, than a std .22lr high velocity HP.

I have NOT tried the "ultra high velocity HP's like the "stinger and yellow jacket" from the revolver, and do not have a chrono to determine actual velocity. I did buy a box of the plastic tip/light bullet .22mags, but could not get the sights adjusted elevation wise (they shot to low) to bring the slug up to point of aim at 15yds.

I would think the velocity issue would be very varied, gun to gun, especially in revolvers, due to variations in barrel cylinder gap.

As a plinker, the .22 mag is a no no. Ammo cost is not worth it. But I am sure it is a better performer on pests.
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