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These incidents, along with the sinking of freighters of the west coast, increased fears of an impending invasion[1]. The result was that the governors of all three west coast states called forth the militia (not the National Guard) to act as coast-watchers, guard bridges and waterways as well as to secure vital infrastructure like power plants. And many of these volunteers brought their own rifles along.
And these were hardly cataclysmic events, as I discussed earlier.

Great posts Bill; Zukiphile. I can't understand TG's narrow view on this subject. He has contributed so much good stuff here. I still regard his viewpoint highly.

Short of any constitutional convention, My gut tells me me are on solid constitutional ground with our semi-automatics, and that it is only a matter of time before it is codified in the courts.

I am not naive enough to think that congress won't try or maybe even succeed with another ban, but that unhappy occurrence would provide the rope with which they hang themselves, politically, and legally. The DC ban took 34 years to undo. But in the end, it was the extreme nature of the law which made it a softer target.

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