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Originally Posted by maestro pistolero
One key aspect of the second amendment that's emblematic of who is actually in charge. It's a vivid reminder to the elected servants that government is by the people. We're the boss. The servants don't tell the bosses what to do, it's the other way around.
Shoot the whole COTUS does that. I am not sure I see as much of that in the 2A as I do in our vote or in the separations of powers.

Originally Posted by maestro pistolero
Simplistic as it may sound, those with the guns rule.
In our system those who vote rule.

Originally Posted by maestro pistolero
That why I cringe a little when Tennessee Gentlemen pronounces the militia, in it's entirety, deceased, or 'no more' as he put it.
I think you need to cringe more at voter apathy and lack of citizen participation in government. That is a greater danger than the lack of a militia.

Originally Posted by maestro pistolero
I certainly hope not. Even as a dormant, largely theoretical body of citizens, it's balancing effect cannot be overestimated.
As I told BillCA earlier, the militia today is a fiction residing in the imagination of the gun culture and nowhere else.
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