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Hercules Unique Powder

I recently aquired a bunch of Hercules Unique powder. This powder is in the 35-40 year old range. It has never had the seal broken, and was stored in military dry ammo cans. Here is what I am loading:

.40 S/W
Started loading with this recipe:

165gr TCFM Magnus bullet
CCI Small Pistol Primer #500
5.0gr Bullseye powder

All worked great, shot great, not too hot, good groups. I ran out of the Bullseye powder and opened a can of the Hercules Unique powder.

New Recipe

165gr TCFM Magnus Bullet
CCI Small Pistol Primer #500
5.5gr Hercules Unique powder

Well as soon as I threw the first charge something did not look correct. The case was just about full of powder. I use a RCBS auto powder measure and I had the weight EXACTLY 5.5gr I threw 10 charges and weighed all 10 and they were all EXACTLY 5.5gr if I try and seat the bullet, it looks like it will be a compressed powder charge. Now maybe I am just being overly-cautious, but something doesnt look correct .

Well I guess I need to know if the OLD Hercules Unique powder and the new Allient Unique powder use the same charges?

Just to make sure my scales were functioning correctly I pulled the bullet from a round that had the Bullseye powder and the case was maybe 1/3 full and I weighed the charge and it was 5.0gr on the nose.

Can someone enlighten me as I dont want to have to give up all this wonderful powder I just came into...

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