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Thanks for the info on military brass and 308 differences not set in stone.
I am just gathering some info on my 15 or so different headstamp 308 and 7.62x51, so that when I want to load up some rounds for the AR10 and I don't have the exact one that my records show from when I worked up the loads, I can find some brass that is close in weight and knowing I am not at max and more toward mid-range loads, I can just use some of the others.
I pick up sooooo many 308 empty cases at the range, that I am sitting here with zip lock bags with only 15 to 30 or so cases in each bag, but in a lot of different headstamps.
I figure if I am diligent about always trimming and prepping them all the same, I can weigh them and if they are within 5 or 10g, I can still use them for that load.
I know the best way is to fill them with water and weigh the water, but I just can't get into that.
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