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I have weighed a fair amount of 308 Brass as well as 06.

The military being heavier is an Urban Legend. Probably back in the dark ages before they had digital scales !

In 06, FC is usually the heaviest with Hornady on the lighter side. RP is just down from FC and very close to Lapua. About 20 grains difference from FC down to Hornady (I think that was the lightest)

308 followed the same relationship.

Unclenick did an excellent post on how little difference there was in the real world percentage wise in the diff.

Using what I am sure some would call totally unscientific (satisfied me) I have put a case full of fine ball powder and weighed it. Overfill, use a sharp edge and scrape off.

Difference was in 3/10 4/10 if I recall. I will repeat it when I get a chance.
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