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Congratulations, always good to hear when something everyone says is junk works well.

Your gun looks different from the one I have, mine is nickeled, has wood grips, and the safety is a small tab that moves fore and aft, not at all like the one in the picture. Clearly some changes were made during the production life of the pistol.

Sometimes, the only thing a "junk" gun needs is some proper TLC (especially lube).

I once bought a Stoeger Luger .22LR that the shop had for sale at about 2/3 the usual price. Said they tried to use it as a range rental and all it would do is constantly jam. I bought it, anyway.

Took it home and put a mag through it, and sure enough, jamm-o-matic...
Then, I oiled it...and it ran like a sewing machine.

Just me, but I still wouldn't carry that Jennings with a round in the chamber. Other than that, since it runs well, I see no issues
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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