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Originally Posted by Marco Califo
Longshot powder seems to be optimized for 40 S&W and 10mm. The difference between the two with 180 grain bullets is between 100 and 200 fps. The 40 S&W has proven itself and gained most LEO market share.
Regarding Glocks, I have a G23 that is an excellent service pistol. I bought a G30 compact 45 ACP. The G29 10mm barrel from Glock will fit the G30 (Glock does not recommend this as fitment is not 100%), and people do that conversion. I bought the 10mm barrell and set of 10mm magazines. Have not shot them yet. The G23 is smaller and less thick to hold. I think the G23 is a better service sidearm, and can be concealed nearly as easily as my G26 with Pierce magazine extension.
You're right about Longshot being nearly perfect for both .40 and 10mm, I've used it quite a bit each. For what it's worth, I've ran warmer .40 and 10mm handloads through both the G23 and G29 and in all honesty there's maybe a 75fps difference between them, got around 1225 in a G23 and nearly 1300 fps (180gr ea.). The 10mm is cool no doubt but it's not really way better than the .40, and depending on how one defines "better", maybe it's worse.
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